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Introducing – Simple Pages…

Sometimes working in a Scrapbook shop is like working in a bar or being a hairdresser. People like to tell you their problems. I love hearing about them and trying to help get a solution….no its not about relationships etc….these problems are much more important! – where to start on a layout, where to get some inspiration, which papers suit which photos etc.

And I have listened and am working through all the problems and will eventually have an answer for everyone! lol.

Solution Number 1: Simple Kits (this is the most asked for!)

Every 2 weeks we will introduce a new simple layout pack. Each pack will include everything to make a single page layout. (instructions, colour image etc) and they will never cost above $10.

From here you can choose to include embellishments, titles, journaling etc. If you prefer to make a double page – you can always purchase 2 kits. The aim of this kit is to start you off, and if you prefer the simple look you can leave it as is. These are also great for kids.

Our first kit is created using the Basic Grey Marjolaine collection, and costs $6.00 per kit. There is no title on purpose as there is no lettering included in the kit.

The photo doesn’t really do the colours of the layout any justice (maybe time for a new camera?)

If you would like to purchase a kit click here.

What do you think of this idea?

Easter Egg Hunt!

I’m all ready for the chocolate hunt in the morning! Powdered foot prints are covering the floors of my parents house….little piles of jelly beans in a couple of places too (if you have seen HOP, you will know EB (aka Easter Bunny) leaves them out instead of the traditional rabbit droppings.) Can’t wait to see the excited little faces in the morning….
And then tomorrow night we will be hosting our very first Cyber Easter Egg hunt on our website. Visit our facebook page (no need to be a member of facebook – you can still see the comments) to see the clues from 8.30pm.
You will need to find this egg hidden in 10 different places on our website:

Will you join in for the hunt?

Wishing everyone a fantastic Easter Sunday!

Unsticking stuck photos….

Today I was asked if there was any solution to seperate photos that have become stuck together.

I had that problem myself a couple of years ago but I just threw the photos out ….wish I hadn’t now – as I now have barely any photos to show for my 4 years of living and studying in Heerlen.

After searching the internet I came across a couple of solutions:

  • Freeze the photos 
  • use a hair dryer
  • steam them apart over a boiling kettle
  • Use Un-do (available in most Scrapbooking / craft stores)

and last and definitely the most popular and with the highest success rate

  • soak them in luke warm water. After a while the will separate. After they have soaked for a little while (approx. 20 minutes) very gently pull them apart under the water. Place them on a dry surface to dry out (on top of a clean tea towel).  Once the photos are dry you will notice they have curled up. You can either gently iron them flat, or if you have more time place under a heavy object like a book. If you iron, I suggest a very low setting and place a clean tea towel over the photo so that the iron doesn’t burn the photo.

I hope you can successfully separate your photos!

Punch Maintenance

Ever wondered how to keep your punches in perfect working order? I have punched through foil for a number of years, but the other day a friend over east told me there are actually 3 steps:

1. Punch through some waxed paper – this lubricates your punch.

2. Punch through some aluminum foil – this sharpens your punch

3 and if needed you can put  a few drops of lubricant to oil the punch mechanism for a smooth action.

What is your favourite punch brand?


Today I took the 2 eldest kids to see HOP. What a great movie!! The kids loved it (and so did I!)

Here is a trailer to the movie.

And click here for some activities for the kids.

Will you be going to see it in the cinema or wait for the DVD?

Sunday Market Sneak Peek!

On Sunday at the Baby and Kid’s market we will be selling out new gift line for the first time! They have been on display in the shop this week so some of you have already seen it.
All items are handmade and created using products for sale in store so you can also make it all yourself. 

If you would like to learn how to make the fluffy tear bear from mulberry paper – let me know as we will be holding another class on it in term 2.

What do you think of our gift line?

Scrapping the Milestones

Its important to remember to scrap the important information we would like to remember in the future. Each time 1 of my kids celebrates another birthday I create a layout including their favourite foods, tv shows, toys and friends.

Last week my “baby” turned 2 so I made a double layout using Echo Park’s Little Boy collection.

He absolutely LOVES Buzz so he had to be added to the page!

I specifically chose the photo with him poking out his tongue as his favourite welcome to people he likes is to blow a raspberry!

I made a pocket with tags. On the back of the tags I wrote info. about his favourite things.

Its a very bright and busy layout as that captures his personality exactly. How do you scrap milestones?

Now to make one for my little Princess who turned 7 today….